"Learning is not a spectator sport."
                               - Anonymous
Please use the following websites to enhance your Spanish grammar, vocabulary, reading, speaking, and listening skills!
Please visit the recommended websites on the teacher resources
page for additional helpful websites!
~ BBC Mundo - This site has videos, photos, and articles about timely issues as well as informative content about categories like health, science, society and culture, sports and so much more. 

~ Super Spanish Websites - Links to tons of helpful grammar, vocabulary, teaching, and culture websites.  Also, has several tests to determine proficiency level.

~ ESL Connect - Lists valuable Spanish resources for teachers and students.  (Hint!  Turn down sound on computer when visiting this site!  :o)

~ Colby College Spanish Grammar - Includes online grammar activities along with a variety of listening activities.

~ Spanish Quizzes and Spanish Trivia - A great way to review!

~ English  Spanish Tests - Has 200 different exams to review for achievement.

~ English - Spanish Vocabulary Quizzes - Students can practice many different vocabulary topics.

~ Spanish Grammar Worksheets - Check your work online after reviewing your verb tenses!

~ Triángulo - This site has vocabulary lists from chapters 1-5 and chapter 10 from Triángulo. In addition, there are games to reinforce the vocabulary.

~ Word Reference - An excellent online dictionary

~ Don Quijote - Check out the excellent placement tests along with the grammar and vocabulary practice!

~ Transparent - Includes placement tests for 3rd and 4th year students!

~ Verbix - This site conjugates every verb in all tenses!

~ My HQ: Spanish Websites - Practice Spanish vocabulary with these fun games, exercises, and quizzes!

~ Latin American Network Information Center - Contains thorough information about Latin American countries.

~ South & Central America - Includes maps of all Spanish-speaking counties!

~ Hello World - This site has fun dialogues, games, maps of the Americas, and practice activities.

~ Univisión - The Univisión site offers international news stories, videos, and more for intermediate through advanced level students.

~ XE.com - This site helps you find the equivalent of any currency in the world.

~ The Weather Channel - Find out the weather forecast in Spanish for anywhere in the world!

~ Audiria - Audiria is a new FREE online tool which supports the learning of Spanish, offering multimedia audio files to increase one's knowledge of the language.

~ Spanish Proficiency Exercises - Spanish Proficiency Exercises are a compilation of brief video clips in which native speakers of Spanish from various locations throughout Latin America and Spain demonstrate various language tasks. The objective of the exercises is to provide Spanish students with the necessary tools to be able to talk about several topics in Spanish.

~ Quizlet - Use Quizlet's tests, flash cards, and study games to make learning fun and engaging.

~ Spaleon - Learn verb conjugation and more online!

~ World Atlas - This website provides facts, flags, and maps from every continent, country, city, and exotic destination!