“There is a brilliant child locked inside every student."
                            - Marva Collins
~ Hispanic Music - Visit this link for tons of resources for music - music videos, grammar activities, cultural information and more!

~ Best Power Points for Spanish Class - Visit this site for tons of effective resources for Spanish students.

~ Super Spanish Websites - Links to tons of helpful grammar, vocabulary, teaching, and culture websites.  Also, has several tests to determine proficiency level.

~ ESL Connect - This site for intermediate through advanced students has interactive grammar lessons, literature pieces in Spanish, listening comprehension activities, and practice exams.

~ Study Spanish - An excellent resource for teachers and students!  It includes thorough grammar explanations as well as grammar activities.  Also, it has vocabulary tutorials with listening, games to reinforce, and quizzes that can be emailed directly to teachers.

~ Language Guide - Tons of vocabulary with pictures and pronunciation practice.

~ Learn Spanish - Has a variety of vocabulary lists with themes from body parts to professions to Internet terms.  Also, has a grammar section with information as well as links to chat rooms to practice Spanish.

~ Conjuguemos - A site for teachers and students with verbs conjugated in every tense and interactive games, quizzes, and more for students and teachers.

~ Quia.com - Games and other fun ways to practice and learn Spanish for teachers and students.

~ 4 Teachers - Great links for Spanish Teachers of ALL levels.

~ Power Point Presentations for Spanish Class - This site includes tons of Power Point lessons.

~ Tools for Educators - This site features free worksheet creators, game makers, certificate templates, and programs for teachers to make and print teaching resources with pictures or text.

~ Spanish Grammar: Online Advanced Spanish Book - Interactive grammar exercises and clear grammar explanations.  

~ Buen Viaje Activities - For any teachers that use the text, Buen Viaje, this site is very helpful!

~ Make Beliefs Comix - Students can use their language skills and creativity to make a funny comic strip to share with classmates and family members.

~ Richard Russell's Homepage - This time-saving website has many worksheets and activities for travel and cultural videos, movies with Hispanic themes, movies in Spanish, and video series that go along with text series.

~ National Board for Professional Teaching Standards - NBPTS is an independent, nonprofit, nonpartisan and nongovernmental organization. It was formed in 1987 to advance the quality of teaching and learning by developing professional standards for accomplished teaching, creating a voluntary system to certify teachers who meet those standards and integrating certified teachers into educational reform efforts.

~ Buen Viaje 2 Additional Practice Activities - This website has many helpful Quia activities for the Buen Viaje 2 book.

~ Buen Viaje 3 Additonal Practice Activities - This website has many useful Quia activities for the Buen Viaje 3 book.

~ NCLRC - A great website for digital pictures, puzzlemakers, internet picture dictionaries, and safe Google searches.

~ Resources for the telenovela, Destinos - This website contains tons of worksheets that accompany the telenovela, Destinos.


~ All About Spain - Includes information about cities, tourist areas, culture, and more.  Can be viewed in English, Spanish, or German and has gorgeous photos of Spain.

~ Cervantes TV - This TV channel provides news and other information about Spain in Spanish.
*AUTHENTIC SPANISH MATERIALS                                       

~ Medline Plus - (Click español on top right side of the page) Medical Spanish website with vocabulary as well as tutorials in Spanish about common medical problems, symptoms, and treatments.

~ Spanish and Hispanic Newspapers - List of various newspapers from Spanish-speaking countries.                                                                            

~ Juegos de Palabras - This word and vocabulary resource is wonderful and thorough for teachers and students.

~ Univisión - The Univisión site offers international news stories, videos, and more for intermediate through advanced level students.


~ El Huevo de Chocolate - This site has stories, songs, games, jokes, and more for children of all ages.

~ Mis Cositas - Spanish lessons for children and free downloadable sayings, posters, and books.

~ Story place - This site has stories, web activities, craft projects, and recommended books pertaining to themes such as animals, colors, monkeys, babies, and shapes.  This site is brought to you by The Public Library of Charlotte & Mecklenburg County.

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