“Celebrate endings - for they precede new beginnings.”
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There are so many fun extension activities related to New Year’s celebrations in the Spanish-speaking world. 

To teach about la Nochevieja and El Año Nuevo,
use the following ideas and resources!

Students should learn Spanish vocabulary related to
La Nochevieja during this unit.

Show the students the video that explains the tradition of the 12 grapes and then have them eat 12 grapes as the bells toll. 

Also, teach them New Year’s toasts like “Arriba, Abajo, Al centro, Adentro” and have them toast with sparkling grape juice.

Another fun activity includes teaching them about funny traditions like which country wears red underwear for love in the new year and which country walks around the block with an empty suitcase to promote travel.

Finally, this article about new year’s resolutions is perfect for advanced level Spanish students to get students thinking about positive changes they want to make in the new year and to spark a lively class discussion.  Show this adorable video too!

Nochevieja Video (1)
Watch this Spanish video to learn how la Nochevieja is celebrated in Spanish-speaking countries.

Nochevieja Video (2)
View this cute Spanish video to see the tradition of eating twelve
grapes at midnight.

Nochevieja Video (3)
Watch this video in Spanish to learn about the tradition
of the 12 uvas in Spain.

Nochevieja (4)
Watch this amazing video to see a great list of New Years resolutions in Spanish. 

Nochevieja (5)
Sing along to the New Year’s song in Spanish.

Nochevieja (6)
This link has a wonderful explanation in Spanish about La Navidad, La Nochevieja and all of the other holidays at this time of year.  Students can read this cultural information and then follow up by answering comprehension questions or by writing about or discussing what they learned.

Año Nuevo, Vida Nueva

Las Doce Uvas

Tradiciones Mexicanas para el Año Nuevo

Más Celebraciones con Uvas

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