La Vuelta a la Escuela

Practice Vowels in Spanish

The Spanish Alphabet

The Spanish Alphabet March

Days of the Week in Spanish

Days of the Week in Spanish 2

Los días de la semana y las expresiones del tiempo

Days of the Week Chant

Seasons with Doki Descubre

Weather Expressions & Clothing Vocabulary

El Tiempo Rap

¿Qué tiempo hace en las estaciones?

Weather Expressions Review

Numbers 1-30 in Spanish

Telephone Numbers in Spanish

"De Colores" - Colors

"Agree It" - Adjective & Noun Agreement

Importance of Studying a World Language

¿Qué hora es? - Telenovela loca

"One Semester of Spanish Love Song"

Funny Car Commercial about Language Learning

Common Greetings & Conversation Expressions

"Enhorabuena" - Practice Conversation

Fun Interrogatives Song

Assess Comprehension of Personal Information

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