"Success is no accident.  It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice, and most of all love of what you are doing or learning to do."
                                                - Pele

Click here to see some example video presentations from 2012's Spanish 3 students!

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This video presentation activity requires intermediate to advanced
students to find a pertinent video that relates to content they have
learned in class (grammar, vocabulary, cultural topic, etc).  The
students email the teacher the link to their videos in advance (so the
teacher can preview them) and the students write a brief explanation
of their videos.  The teacher can then collect the students' written
presentations and correct them.  The students then present their
videos to the class while the class takes notes, writes comments and
opinions, and assesses each other.  The pre-presentation worksheet as
well as the students' self and class assessments/comments sheet can be
downloaded below.
Click here to watch an example video that teachers can use to introduce this activity!
Spanish Vocabulary, Grammar, and Cultural Themes
Video and List Activity!

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