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Teachers - These are some of our favorite resources for teaching the Preterite and Imperfect in our classes!
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These two children's stories, ¿Eres Tú Mi Mamá? and El Mejor Nido, are written in the past tense, include basic vocabulary and are an excellent way to reinforce the past tenses with an intermediate or advanced Spanish class.
¿Eres Tú Mi Mamá? Video
¿Eres Tú Mi Mamá?  Video Activities
El Mejor Nido Video
El Mejor Nido
Video Activities
Mientes por Camila
¿Qué hiciste? por Jennifer López
¿Dónde están corazón? por Enrique Iglesias
These additional resources provide a treasure trove of ideas, notes, practices, games, and much more for all Spanish teachers!
Preterite & Imperfect Grammar Activities
Preterite & Imperfect Resources List
Azul por Cristián Castro
Gracias a Ti por Wisin y Yandel
Nada Fue un Error por Coti
Songs to help remember irregular forms in the preterite!
El Árbol Generoso
Click on headphones to listen to
the story, El Árbol Generoso!
Fun Songs to Remember Regular Preterite Verbs
Preterite and Imperfect Twitter Activity
Imperfect Tense Practice Questions
Fuiste Tú por Ricardo Arjona y Gaby Moreno
El Amor Que Perdimos por Prince Royce
Preterite and Imperfect Spanish Bundle
El Verdadero Amor - Up

El Mejor Nido

¿Eres Tú Mi Mamá?

UJI Verbs Jingle

La Leyenda del Espantapájaros

The Differences between the Preterite and the Imperfect

Los Tres Cerditos

"Pokerface" Imperfect Song

El Árbol Generoso

Rosa, la Elefante, Visita la Ciudad

El Primer Pozo

Los Cuatro Amigos

Preterite and Imperfect Rap

Have students talk about the "good old days" using the imperfect to compare and contrast how life it today compared to the times of our grandparents.

Narrate what happened during these videos using the preterit and the imperfect verb tenses.

"Cuerdas" - Cortometraje

Animated Day of the Dead Video

Hola Llamigo

Santa y los Reyes Magos

Narrate what happened during these videos using the preterit and the imperfect verb tenses.  Turn down the volume before showing the videos.

Clydesdales Commercial

Clydesdales Donkey Commercial

Super Bowl Puppy Commercial

Reinforce Iba a + Infinitive with this video.

Hola Llamigo

Excellent video to demonstrate use of the imperfect to describe childhood.

La Niñez

Excellent video to demonstrate use of the preterite for completed actions.

Los usos del pretérito

Interesting video about a trip to a Spanish city with many examples of preterite and imperfect verbs.

Visitando la Ciudad