"I change myself, I change the world."
                                  - Gloria Anzaldua
Teachers - Please use the following resources to enhance the
use of technology in your classroom!

Click here to learn about how to engage 21st century learners!
Click here to change the language in Microsoft Word!
Click here to learn about Wikis (English)!
Click here to learn basic SMART Board tools!
Click here to learn how to download video from the Internet!
Click here to learn about Wikis (Spanish)!
Click here to learn how to create a Voki character for your website!
Click here to watch, Did You Know?,
a fascinating look at 21st century learners!
Click here to watch an In-flight Movie about Buenos Aires!  (Podcast with images)
Click here to watch the Podcuento, Mi Ciudad, Barcelona, to see how interactive technology can be used in your classroom!
Click here to watch an In-flight Movie about the Day of the Dead!
Teachers and students can create characters, and use them to interact with each other in the target language.  Click on this Voki to hear a message in Spanish!
Click here to learn about Podcasting!
Click here to learn about Twitter!
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Click here to watch this Spanish video that explains the uses and abuses of technology!
Click here to view this video to discus the importance of disconnecting from technology!
Click here to watch this funny Castilian video to see the impact technology has on families!

Click here to watch a thought provoking video about life without a cell phone!
Awesome Spanish Technology Vocabulary & Activities Unit / La Tecnología


~ Los Teléfonos Inteligentes - This three page Smart Phone Usage in Spain article with comprehension questions and key will be perfect to enrich students' vocabulary and to get a discussion started about social media in Spanish-speaking countries.

~ Use of Cell Phones and Personality Type - These two video activities and entertaining videos will help facilitate discussion and will motivate students to improve their listening skills.

~ Spanish Social Media Bundle / Las Redes Sociales - This Spanish Social Media Bundle includes a wealth of materials for all intermediate and advanced Spanish classes. Included are three articles that explain the dangers of excessive use of social media as well as the positive effects of social media.

~ El Acoso Escolar - These videos teach about the dangers of cyberbullying.

~ Antes de Colgar Tu Imagen, Las Profesiones del Futuro y la Casa del Futuro
These three video activities and entertaining videos teach about the importance of being careful when posting on the Internet, future careers and the cool uses of technology in houses of the future.

~ El Uso Excesivo de Tecnología / La Obesidad Infantil - This video and video activity teach about the problems of childhood obesity and the excessive use of technology among young people.

~ Mes English - This website has Bingo cards and flash cards (pictures of vocabulary) for vocabulary lists.

~ Mis Cositas Blog - This website thoroughly explains how to do Skype phone calls and how to make your own Voki characters.

~ Spanish One Social Networking - These are example Spanish One social networking pages that allow students to interact online.

~ Google Voice - Google Voice is an excellent way to create podcasts for your class.  Google Voice also enables teachers to assess student's speaking proficiency levels and it is free!

~ 10 Ways To Make Your iPod a Better Learning Gadget - This article explains  useful ways to bring technology to your classroom with the help of your iPod!

~ K-7: Unified Messaging - The world's leading web-based messaging system that channels your free voicemail directly to your email.  It is an easy tool to use to evaluate students' speaking and it is free!
Snap & Chat Speaking Activities in English
& Spanish