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Students should learn Spanish vocabulary related to Carnaval, Holy Week and Easter during this unit as well as begin to make cultural comparisons between traditions in various countries.

All of the Power Points, readings, comprehension questions, door
signs, activity tickets, quizzes, AP cultural comparison, and video
that we use for our holidays around the world event as well as for our holidays unit are included in this Spanish and Hispanic
holidays bundle
for intermediate and advanced Spanish students.
These Power Points, reading and comprehension activities, and videos are great resources to teach students about Carnaval, Holy Week and Pascuas.

This Carnaval reading in Spanish is very informative and interesting to learn about this unique holiday.

Download this free Power Point so your students can enjoy making  alfombras with graham crackers, icing and small candies!  Watch this video to see a spectacular collection of alfombras (carpets) made for Holy Week in Antigua Guatemala.

Cascarones are another fun activity for students!

Another wonderful resource to use to teach about Carnaval is the animated movie, Río.  There are free Power Points that include the movie characters and information about Carnaval, Samba, etc.
on this Río webpage.

Semana Santa/Las Pascuas/Carnaval Video (1)
This video shows the beautiful alfombras created in
Honduras for Semana Santa.

Semana Santa/Las Pascuas/Carnaval Video (2)
View this Spanish video to learn about the traditions in Honduras for la Semana Santa.  (Closed captioning is relatively accurate.)

Semana Santa/Las Pascuas/Carnaval Video (3)
Watch this informative video in Spanish that explains about Semana Santa in Spain. 

Semana Santa/Las Pascuas/Carnaval Video (4)
Watch this video in Spanish to learn more about Carnaval. 
(Closed captions are helpful.)

Semana Santa/Las Pascuas/Carnaval Video (5)
View this funny video in Spanish to learn about the tradition of cascarones.

Semana Santa/Las Pascuas/Carnaval Video (6)
Conoce la historia y los lugares famosos donde se celebra
el Carnaval en este vídeo.

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