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Teachers - These are some of our favorite resources for teaching
Reflexive Verbs in our classes!  These reflexive verb units include interactive and fun activities to help reinforce Reflexive Verbs and Daily Routine Vocabulary along with encouraging students to speak and write in Spanish!  Also, there are a variety of activities with verb practice.
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Daily Routine Power Point

Reflexive Verb Unit

Reflexive Verb, Daily Routine, and Notes Unit

Daily Routine Vocabulary Activities and Games Unit

Daily Routine Flash Cards
in Spanish

Mi rutina diaria - Sam el gato

Mi rutina diaria - Una jovencita en Espańa

"No voy a levantarme" por el Sr. Wooly

Mom talking about her kids' daily routine

ELE Reflexive verbs video -
Reflexive versus nonreflexive

Reflexive Verbs with Sr. Mara

Reflexive verbs explained step-by-step

Reflexive Verb Rap

La vida de Marcos - Hábitos

Reflexive Verbs with Frida Kahlo

Basic Daily Routine Sentences Video

Grammar Information about Reflexive Verbs

La rutina diaria rap

“Cuando Me Enamoro”
por Enrique Iglesias y Juan Luis Guerra