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Las películas
Looking for a movie to show your students while teaching from home?  Here is a list of movies and the various places that your students can watch them for FREE.  Follow the links to find tons of resources to assist you in your online teaching!

McFarland, USA
- Disney Plus

Cautiva - Free on YouTube

Voces Inocentes - Free on YouTube

Instructions Not Included - Netflix

Coco - Disney Plus

Living on One Dollar - Free on YouTube

Buscando a Dory - Disney Plus

La Bamba - Netflix

Up / Una Aventura de Altura - Disney Plus

Frozen / Una Aventura Congelada - Disney Plus

Entre Nos - Amazon Prime

Bee Movie - Netflix

La Sirenita - Disney Plus

Enredados - Disney Plus

Moana / Un Mar de Aventuras - Disney Plus

Zootopia - Disney Plus

Walkout - HBO on Demand - English Only

María, Llena Eres de Gracia - HBO on Demand

The Latin Explosion - HBO on Demand - Spanish & English

Click here to find resources for many movies in Spanish!
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