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Hispanic Heritage Month 2021

¡Hola, profe!  We hope that the beginning of the year is going well for you!  This month we would like to share some ideas and resources with you to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month in your classroom.  

Set the tone for Hispanic Heritage month with this reading, these videos, and reading activities to share about Latino pride and the history of this important month!

These are our favorite movies to show
during Hispanic Heritage Month:
César Chávez

In the Heights


La Bamba

*We think you will really enjoy our brand-new digital movie units for Selena and McFarland, USA as well!

Each day during Hispanic Heritage Month, we highlight a Famous Spanish-speaking person along with his/her accomplishments and memorable quotes.  We also show videos that are all organized by person and extend their learning with some fun activities.  
Check it out here!

Your students may enjoy this powerful video with
several well-known Spanish speakers.

Speaking of videos… Here is a list of videos to show in your Spanish classes during Hispanic Heritage Month.

This month we are participating in the Hispanic Heritage Month Instagram Challenge!  Be sure to follow us on Instagram
& follow the hashtag #hhmigchallenge2021 for inspiration
and ideas for your classroom!  

Please contact us if we can help make your school year easier or if you have any questions!  

All the best to you in your teaching endeavors! 
Amy & Katie
Spark Enthusiasm Spanish