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¡Vamos a Celebrar el Día de los Muertos!

¡Hola, profe!  We hope that your first quarter is going well! 
This month we are sharing ideas and resources to celebrate El Día de los Muertos with your students.  

Coco and Book of Life are perfect movies to show students this time of year when everyone needs an infusion of culture!  Teach about La Catrina, ofrendas, Frida Kahlo, mariachis, corrida de toros, cempasúchiles, xolo dogs, alebrijes, and familia with our movie units!

Visit our movie pages to find resources to teach the culture exhibited in these movies. Meet the characters presentations, cultural video activities, vocabulary activities, and culture lessons are all included!


El Libro de la Vida Resources

Day of the Dead Resources
All Day of the Dead power points, activities,
videos and more!

Easy to make Sugar Skulls
Check out these easy to make sugar skulls that we make with our students every year!  Your students will enjoy this fun treat!

Animated Day of the Dead Video
Here is an animated video that beautifully illustrates Day of the Dead with FREE comprehension questions that you can use in your class.

A great movie to learn about sports and Mexico
is El Juego Perfecto. 
El Juego Perfecto

If you would like more resources and music to teach about Mexico, visit our Mexico page:
Mexico Resources - Ideas, Videos, Movies, Music & More!

Want to celebrate Halloween?  Here is a fun Addam’s Family song in Spanish with lyrics to sing with your students!

Please contact us if we can help make your school year easier or if you have any questions!  

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All the best to you in your teaching endeavors! 
Have a wonderful autumn!
Amy & Katie
Spark Enthusiasm Spanish