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This free Power Point can be used to introduce las Posadas,
El Día de los Inocentes and El Día de los Reyes Magos during a session that includes these three holidays.

Give students this Posadas reading in Spanish to learn
about this unique celebration.

Las Posadas (1)
View this wonderful Spanish video to learn about the many traditions of Las Posadas and to see images of these celebrations.

Las Posadas (2)
Watch this video to hear a traditional Posadas song with the lyrics to sing along.  Also learn what occurs during Las Posadas.

Las Posadas (3)
Watch an entertaining Las Posadas video.

Las Posadas (4)
View this animated video to learn the tradition of Las Posadas.

Las Posadas (5)
Watch this video to see Las Posadas in Spanish-speaking countries.

Las Posadas (6)
Watch this video to see all of the necessities for Las Posadas.

Las Posadas en México, Festejo y Tradición

Así celebramos la Navidad en México, con posadas, piñatas, pastorelas, ponche y mucho más…

Las posadas mexicanas

Cómo preparar un tradicional Ponche Navideño

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“The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear.”
                                    - Buddy, Elf