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Teachers - These are some of our favorite resources for teaching las expresiones como gustar in our classes!
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Cuba y Expresiones Como Gustar Grammar & Culture Unit
Verbs in All Tenses Bundle, Ser vs. Estar
& Even Gustar!

Watch these grammar videos with explanations in Spanish to understand the uses of gustar verbs.
Gustar + Activities
Gustar + Fruits
Me gusta y no me gusta en español
Aprender español: Verbo gustar (básico)

These basic conversation videos reinforce the verb gustar with comprehensible conversations!  Excellent!
¿Qué te gusta hacer?
Nos gusta comer
Conocer a mucha gente
De amiga, Alicia

This intermediate video uses excellent gustar expressions in context while discussing pasatiempos.
Me gusta - Mis pasatiempos

This intermediate video uses gustar expressions in context with seasons and nature vocabulary.
Gustos y preferencias

This gustar and conversation video is super funny
and has a very abrupt ending!
Me gusta

This video goes very slowly and has many examples
of gustar used in conversation.
Los pasatiempos

"Me Gustas Tú" Song Edited for Spanish Class
"Me Gustas Tú"

"Me Gusta" - Catchy Song by Mane de la Parra
"Me Gusta"

Fun dance called El Ritmo Vuelta - Uses many gusta expressions!
"Ritmo Vuelta"
"Ritmo Vuelta" - Baile

Fun & Catchy Gusta Song
Gusta con el señor Mara

*10 Cosas que no debes hacer en Cuba
(goes with Cuba and Gusta unit)

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