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"Success is no accident.  It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice, and most of all love of what you are doing or learning to do."
                                                - Pele
Our Spanish Two students participate in an interactive First Semester Exam. 
We have all of our students take a traditional Semester Test in order to evaluate their knowledge and so we can learn what concepts we need to re-teach! 
Then during the First Semester two hour exam time, we provide the students with an interactive exam to improve their Spanish-speaking ability, listening skills, and writing skills.  Not only is the exam a learning opportunity but it is fun for the students as well! 

Snap and Chat:
We start by playing a fun snap and chat!  The students walk around the room asking their friends conversation questions in Spanish.  After answering the questions, they take a quick photograph together and post it to social media with a fun hashtag that we create. 

El Gato:
The students communicate using questions related to grammar, vocabulary, or cultural topics such as sports, famous Latinos, countries and capitals, airport, or family.  They compete to get a Tic-Tac-Toe by comprehending and answering pertinent questions correctly.  Our students study the themes of family, travel & transportation, technology, and famous Hispanics first semester so they communicate about these topics.

Frosty, El Muñeco de Nieve:
During the exam, we teach the students the important vocabulary that goes along with the TV show, Frosty the Snowman.  Then the students watch the 25-minute video.  The students understand a lot of this show because it is a familiar story with basic vocabulary and comprehensible language.  After the movie, they take a true/false quiz and we do a Who Am I? listening activity as a class.

Creative Compositions:
The students are given a set amount of time (approximately 15 minutes) to prepare a mini-composition that describes their Christmas or New Year’s plans and family traditions.  We provide them with guided questions in Spanish.  Then, the students use Google Voice to call and record their compositions/presentations. 

Holiday Traditions in Spanish-Speaking Countries:
We show the students a few videos that teach about Navidad, La Nochevieja and Los Reyes Magos.  We vary the video activities each year based on the students’ interests and ability levels.  These activities are great for not only teaching cultural information, but for improving their listening abilities.

Would You Rather:
If there is time remaining, we play Would You Rather in groups of four or five students.  We project the Would You Rather dilemma on the screen and small groups defend their opinions.  As a class, we discuss various students' responses!

Las Canciones:
To end the final exam, we sing some fun holiday carols together! 

An interactive exam is a fun and educational way to end the First Semester and it gives the students a great learning opportunity and more confidence in their ability to speak and understand Spanish!