"The heart's memory eliminates the bad and magnifies the good."
                       - Gabriel García Márquez
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Instantes is the perfect poem to share with intermediate or advanced
students to spark interesting class discussions or to help students think about what truly matters to them.  After learning imperfect subjunctive and/or if clauses, have the students read the poem, Instantes.  The next day in class, play the video version of the poem.  After the students have read and heard the poem, have the students discuss the significance of the poem.  Another follow-up activity for this poem is to invite the students to make their own bucket lists using the perfect tenses.  "Before I die, I will have..."  The written poem, the video of the poem, and the accompanying activity are all available  at the following LINK.

"Si Supieras"
por Gabriel García Márquez

Todo lo que necesitaba saber lo aprendí en el jardín de infantes. - Declamado por Feneté

por Víctor Argote

"Si pudiera vivir nuevamente mi vida..."