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"Everywhere immigrants have enriched and strengthened the fabric of American life."
                                - John F. Kennedy
Immigration Video Activities in Spanish with Comprehension Questions
This intermediate - advanced immigration video and article activities mini unit teaches the truth about the hardships faced by immigrants as they come to the United States. There are also videos that discuss life on the border in McCallen Texas and in San Diego.
This packet is the perfect teaching tool for all intermediate, advanced and AP Spanish classes! This packet teaches about border cities, the dangers of crossing in the desert, the benefits of living in a border city, deportation, and crossing into Mexico from Central America. All of the videos, article, and activities are in Spanish and there are keys for all activities.

McAllen, Texas: Una Ciudad de Dos Culturas

Niños y adolescentes migrantes que arriesgan la vida en el desierto

Los beneficios de vivir en la frontera de México y Estados Unidos

11 Million Stories: The Truth of Mass Deportation

Crossing Mexico's Other Border

Undocumented Americans