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"Everywhere immigrants have enriched and strengthened the fabric of American life."
                                - John F. Kennedy

La Huella Latina en los Estados Unidos

Hispanic Heritage Month 2013

Valedictorian Tells Class She's Undocumented Immigrant

Estudiante aceptada a Yale con beca completa confiesa
que es indocumentada

Estamos juntos #ConLosRefugiados 2016

Undocumented Americans: Inside the Immigration Debate

La historia de la inmigración en los Estados Unidos

The Life of an Unaccompanied Minor in L.A.

What would you do?  Racism and Immigration

The United States of Hispanic America

Why Congress Should Let in More Immigrants

Immigrant's Success Creates Abundant Opportunities for Others

Chinese American Immigrants Find Great Success in the U.S.

Are Immigrants Stealing American Jobs?

Immigration Myths with Ben Powell

Hey Americans, Come Take Our Jobs!

The Hidden Life of an Undocumented U.S. Immigrant

Undocumented Immigrants Living in Fear

Immigration Reform Affecting Families

Crab Industry Hit by Immigration Restrictions

Graduate Student's Illegal Immigrant Life

Dan Rather Reports "Start-up Michigan"

President Obama's Take on Immigrants

Top Ten Most Successful Immigrants in the United States

Latinos Exitosos

Desi Arnaz: Inmigrante Exitoso

Carolina Herrera: Inmigrante Exitosa

Gloria Estefan: Inmigrante Exitosa

¿Qué es DACA, el programa de Acción Diferida
para llegados en la infancia?

DACA Explained

¿Quiénes son los 'dreamers' y qué es DACA?

What "Dreamers" Gained from DACA
and What They Stand to Lose

What Will Happen to Undocumented Doctors?
Immigration in the United States Power Point in English
Immigration in the United States Power Point in Spanish
These ​Immigration ​​Power ​Point presentations
​are​ available in ​both ​English and Spanish​!  These Power Points​ teach important statistics and facts about immigration in the United States. ​The included topics are where immigrants are from, how immigrants and refugees gain legal status, ​DACA, ​the effects of immigration on education, taxes, Social Security, families, U.S. citizens and much more. Students will learn about the contributions that immigrants make to the US and they will watch several embedded videos that also teach valuable immigration information. There are sample questions from the US citizenship test your students can take to see how much they know! These Power Points and many of the related videos are ideal for US History, Sociology, Current Events, Economics, Government, Basic Spanish classes, Spanish One, Spanish Two, Spanish Three, and intermediate though advanced Spanish students.