"Success is no accident.  It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice, and most of all love of what you are doing or learning to do."
                                                - Pele
Teachers - These are some of our favorite resources for teaching
foods, drinks, restaurant, and table service vocabulary in our classes!
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Foods Power Point
Table Service Power Point
These Power Points are clear, interactive, illustrated, and animated.  They are a great way to introduce students to new material.
These Foods units are interactive and fun to help reinforce food vocabulary along with encouraging students to speak and write in Spanish!

Casi Creativo: Come vegetales

Casi Creativo: Ocho vasos de agua al día

Latin foods in Spanish

Comida de la calle

El desayuno típico de cada país

El desayuno más sano

Vida sana - Lista de compra

Cocina española

Receta de paella

La receta para la paella de mariscos

Receta de gazpacho

Mi receta de gazpacho - Subtitulado

Los bocadillos en España

Cómo preparar la tortilla española

Learn to make empanadas (from the movie, Entre Nos)

Learn to make tamales de pollo con chile verde

Las frutas con Doki Descubre

Los frutos con Doki Descubre

Cómo se hace el pan con Doki Descubre

Las comidas para el desayuno con Doki Descubre

La leche y los productos lácteos con Doki Descubre

"Me gusta la fruta"

Una visita al supermercado

Comidas en el mercado

Spanish teacher explains favorite breakfast foods

La comida mexicana - chile, maíz y frijol

Different Customs and foods when spending time with people from various Spanish-speaking countries

Making a dessert - Example for student videos

El mate - Los estereotipos

The Other Side of the Tomato

Commercial: Burger King

Commercial: Subway

Commercial: Pepsi con Shakira

Commercial: McDonald's con Ricky Rubio

Commercial: McDonald's

Commercial: McDonald's - El mejor restaurante

Commercial: Kraft Mac and Cheese

Commercial: Coca Cola - Good aspects of our world

Commercial: Coca Cola - Apuesta

Commercial: Taco Bell
FREE Fruits Power Point
Drinks Power Point
Foods Vocabulary Activities and Games Unit
Foods Vocabulary, Crossword,
and Flash Cards Unit
Fruits Vocabulary Activtities and Games  Unit
Fruits Vocabulary, Crossword,
and Flash Cards Unit
Drinks & Table Service Vocabulary Activities and Games Unit
Drinks & Table Service Vocabulary, Crossword, and Flash Cards Unit
FREE Sabores Locos Activity!