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"It seems like the moment you're born, people think they've got you all figured out.  Based on how you look, how you talk, where you're from, but it's not that simple...especially when it comes to me."
  - Ferdinand, Ferdinand
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Ferdinand Trailer #2 en español latino

Ferdinand Trailer #3 en español latino

Ferdinand Trailer #1 en castellano

Ferdinand Trailer #2 en castellano

"Castle on the Hill" by Ed Sheeran

"Lay Your Head on Me" by Juanes

"Home" by Nick Jonas

"Freedom" by Pitbull

Pitbull estrena el video musical del tema Freedom

Classic Children's Story "Ferdinand" on Big Screen

"Ferdinand" Original Story in English

"Ferdinand" Original Story in Spanish

The Gentle Barn Rescues a Bull

Ferdinand Voice Actors and Characters

Ferdinand Characters in Real Life

El Puente Nuevo de Ronda

Entrevista con Juanes - Ferdinand

A Ferdinand Le Gusta Oler Flores

10 Curiosidades de Ferdinand

Juanes Se Declara Feliz por Participar en Ferdinand

Juanes, un astro de cine

Juanes Interview: First Animated Movie

Tres Cubanos Ponen Sus Voces al Filme Ferdinand

18 Cosas Que No Sabes de Ferdinand

Actores de Doblaje - Ferdinand

Ferdinand 2017 vs. 1938

Reseña de la película, Ferdinand

Crítica de Ferdinand


Estrenos de Coco y Ferdinand

*Spanish Bullfighting and El Toro Ferdinando Listening & Reading Activities

El Libro de la Vida Movie Guide, Day of the Dead & Bullfighting Unit

¡Olé! El Viaje de Ferdinand Spanish Movie Game
All of our Spanish Movie Scenes Games!
Bullfighting Resources
Spain Resources
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