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All of the Power Points, readings, comprehension questions, door
signs, activity tickets, quizzes, AP cultural comparison, and video
links that we use for our holidays around the world event as well as for our holidays unit are included in this Spanish and Hispanic
holidays bundle
for intermediate and advanced Spanish students.

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time of year to teach vocabulary related to love and friendship.  Students learn a lot from these interactive games, writing, and speaking activities for
El Día de San Valentín.  Also, these Power Points, reading and comprehension activities, songs, and videos are great
resources to teach students.

Once the students know some valentine-related vocabulary, students can write compositions about their ideal mate, they can learn silly piropos, and they can sing cheesey love songs like “Cuando Me Enamoro” or “Bésame”.  
Students enjoy making valentines for their friends and family, too.  Have the students make valentine envelopes to hang up in the classroom and then they can make a set number of valentines per week for their classmates until they get them all done. 
On February 14th, pass out the envelopes and let everyone read their valentines from their friends! 

The best interactive activity to celebrate Valentine’s Day is Speed Dating (Las Citas Rápidas)
.  There are several ways to set up this activity, either with the questions printed out on cards and taped to desks or with the questions typed out on paper.  We have made both basic level questions and advanced questions in both formats, and when we play, we add the fun of silly piropos to share with partners before moving on to a new friend in the next round.

El Día de San Valentín (1)
Watch this Spanish video and see how Valentine's Day is celebrated in the Spanish-speaking world.

El Día de San Valentín (2)
View this silly Spanish video to learn how single people should celebrate Valentine's Day.

El Día de San Valentín (3)
Watch this Spanish video for advice and recommendations
about what to do on a first date.

El Día de San Valentín (4)
Watch this adorable video about El Día de San Valentín with Barbie and Ken.

El Día de San Valentín (5)
View this video to learn the history of Valentine's Day and celebrations in other Spanish-speaking countries.

El Día de San Valentín (6)
Plan the perfect date for your love while visiting the city of Miami.

El Día de San Valentín (7)
Learn many ideas for celebrating the day of love and friendship with the special people in your life. 

El Día de San Valentín (8)
Watch this comprehensible video to learn about all types of possible Valentine’s Day gifts for your love.

El Día de San Valentín (9)
Learn the legend and the history behind the patron saint of lovers, San Valentín.

El Día de San Valentín (10)
Watch this commercial from Colombia about what women want and appreciate for el Día de Amor y Amistad.

El Día de San Valentín (11)
Learn about the traditions and customs for Spanish weddings.

El Día de San Valentín (12)
Get ideas for a low cost yet romantic date for Valentine’s Day!

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