Queridos Reyes Magos,
Este año me he portado muy bien... Bueno, casi bien... Bueno, más o menos... Pues, ya me compro yo mi regalo.

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All of the Power Points, readings, comprehension questions, door
signs, activity tickets, quizzes, AP cultural comparison, and video
links that we use for our holidays around the world event as well as for our holidays unit are included in this Spanish and Hispanic
holidays bundle
for intermediate and advanced Spanish students.

There are many fun extension activities related to
Three Kings' Day celebrations in the Spanish-speaking world. 
Start with teaching the vocabulary for El Día de los Reyes Magos and sharing a Three Kings' cake.  Use the resources in this Three Kings' Day Cultural Activities Bundle to get students excited to learn about los Reyes Magos.

Show the students several of the videos below that explain the traditions of el Día de los Reyes Magos.  Have them read
these informative articles and write their own
letters to Los Reyes Magos.  Teach the cultural information related to this holiday with these power points
in Spanish or in English

Also, show them this video about the Spanish children who wrote letters to their parents and to the Three Kings.  When asked which they preferred to send if they could only send one, they chose to send the one to their parents , even if it meant they would not receive gifts from the Magi.

Then, have the students use this template to write their own letters.  Collect the letters and redistribute them among the class, with each student receiving a letter from a classmate.  Ask the students to bring in a surprise little gift for their classmate (whose Three Kings letter they got) on January 6th
See this year’s photo.

Another fun activity includes showing them these funny videos to compare and contrast beliefs about Santa versus the Three Kings and then having a class discussion using these comprehension questions.

Show this funny video with a little boy writing a letter with his Christmas wishes.

Show this cute video in Spanish from Santa to all little kids
of the world explaining that Rudolph is hurt so they need
to ask for fewer gifts.

Also, show this funny video with Santa and the Three Kings playing jokes on each other.

Los Reyes Magos (1)
View this brief Spanish video to learn about los Reyes Magos traditions around the world.

Los Reyes Magos (2)
Watch this video to see cool images of the Three Kings Parade in Madrid. / La Cabalgata

Los Reyes Magos (3)
See this funny modern version of a Three Kings' Day commercial.

Las Fiestas Navideñas (1)
Watch this interesting Castilian video to learn about Christmas, New Year’s, and Día de los Reyes Magos traditions in Spain.

Cartas Creativas a los Reyes Magos
Show your students this MOVING Reyes Magos video about what students from around the world wish for in the New Year.  Use this video in order to spark discussions about the cultural differences between various countries, economic levels, and societal values.

La Navidad en los Estados Unidos y España
ALL LEVELS of students will understand this video where the cultural differences between Christmas celebrations in Spain and the USA are shown in an adorable manner!

Las Cabalgatas Originales
Learn how the Reyes Magos arrive throughout Spain in different and creative ways!  Cute! 

Adorable Three Kings' Day letter illustrated video - MUST SEE!

Cuentos Infantiles - Los Reyes Magos

¡Los Reyes Magos Ya Están en Madrid!

Carta a los Reyes Magos

Llegan los Reyes Magos a Todos los Hogares

Los Reyes Magos de Oriente

Nickelodeon Navidad - El Día de Reyes

La Historia de los Reyes Magos

La Llegada de los Reyes Magos a Madrid 2017

Reyes Magos 2018

Los Tres Reyes Magos

Las Últimas Cartas a los Reyes Magos

All about Three Kings' Day

Rosca de Reyes Cake - Three Kings Day

Spanish video about La Rosca de Reyes

Spanish video that explains Mexico’s traditions for
Three Kings' Day

Niños, preparen para la Noche de los Reyes Magos en México

Intermediate/Advanced Spanish video explains the significance of el Día de los Reyes Magos - Gifts, traditions, etc.

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