Students will enjoy looking ahead to their future lives with this fun class reunion activity.  Prior to the reunion, the students will use the future verb tense when they write predictions about their classmates' lives ten years in the future.  On the day of the class reunion, the students will write their predictions for each of their classmates on their yearbook pages and everyone can keep these as a momento from this fun event.  Also, the students may present mini-presentations to share what their lives are like now, ten years after graduating from high school.  Students can dress up to look like how they think they will look in ten years, too.

Click here to see student example pictures!

It may be fun to end this reunion with a sparkling grape juice toast to recognize everyone's successes and accomplishments since they have been out of school. 

Click here to watch a complete class reunion video - 2018!

Click here to view example student class reunion presentations!

The student handout below can be used during the presentations to
ensure that everyone is paying attention and understanding the presentations.

Click here for the Class Reunion Fill-In Worksheet!

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This Future/Conditional Packet includes step-by-step instructions as well as all of the documents and student guidelines for planning and organizing the class reunion.  This packet also includes notes, practices, and tons of creative ways to teach and practice the future and conditional verb tenses.