Here are some tips to make your first day productive but fun!

~ As students enter, we greet them at the door in Spanish. (Saludos)

~ We have the students look at the previously prepared seating chart that is projected from the Smartboard screen.  Students sit in their designated seat.  We still like to use a seating chart - it helps us learn names faster!

~ We have the papers that the students will need already passed out on their desks or we tell the students who arrive early to class pass them out on each desk.

~ Items to pass out onto the studentsí desks include:
*List of Spanish names with inspirational quote on reverse side
*Rules & expectations with materials needed for the class
*Parent welcome letter that needs to be signed and returned
*Numbers and personal information notes - Alphabet 

~ From the list of Spanish names, each student chooses a different name in Spanish. 

~ While we write down the studentsí chosen Spanish names on the roster, the students fill out the Student Information sheet and read over the rules and expectations information.  The students fill out the brief information sheet so we have current contact information and learn about the studentsí previous exposure to the language.

~ We copy and hand out the student information sheet on one side and the parent information letter on the reverse side of the paper.  The parent information letter explains the importance of learning language and the rationale for using movies and music in the classroom.  The parents sign this form and the students return it the following day.

~ Next the students watch our back to school video (see above) that encourages them to do their best in Spanish class and gives them a sneak peak at the interactive and fun activities they will do this school year.  It is also a great video to use for Open House!

~ If you want to further discuss the importance of studying Spanish or begin reviewing or teaching basic concepts, there are several funny videos the students like.  Videos also include famous people who speak Spanish, numbers videos, days, months, seasons, weather, conversation expressions, and more! 

~ If there is still time, we begin teaching or reviewing numbers and/or work on pronunciation basics. 
Use the numbers and alphabet review to talk about phone numbers, addresses, age, etc.

~ If you like to sing and dance, there are several song and dance videos you can show.
This year we will be starting with the hit new song, "Runaway" by SebastiŠn Yatra, Daddy Yankee, Natti Natasha and the Jonas Brothers.

~ Have a wonderful school year!

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"Success is no accident.  It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice, and most of all love of what you are doing or learning to do."                                               - Pele