"Your work is to discover your work - and to give your heart to it."
                                      - Buddha
Click here to view gorgeous sites of Mexico!
Click here to watch the One Semester of Spanish Love Song (Humor)!

Click here to watch an informational  Jai Alai video!
Click here to watch the latest soccer commercial from Adidas!
Click here to laugh at the importance of learning foreign languages
(I Love Lucy)!
Click here to learn about devastating effects of global warming!
Click here to see a bull jump into the crowd during a Mexican bullfight!
Click here to learn  about Hispanic stereotypes from the teenage perspective!
For a complete list of all video links and resources found on this site,
please click here.

Click here to learn about the Hispanic Birthday tradition, Quinceañera!
Click here to review  the Spanish-speaking countries and capitals!
Click here to learn common greetings and conversation expressions!
Click here to sing and dance El Baile del Mono!
Click here to check out High School Musical in Mexico!
Click here to sing along to Qué Viene Aquí from High School Musical in Argentina!
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