“Many of the great achievements of the world were accomplished by tired and discouraged men who kept on working."    - Anonymous               

~ Learn a new skill and improve your Spanish!  Check out these how-to channels in Spanish!

~ Como hacer arte de origami
Origami 1
Origami 2

~ Los Juegos Infantiles - An inspirational video about childhood and tons of childhood game to play with your friends in Spanish.

~ Great Vocabulary and Games!  Practice your Spanish while having fun!

~ Spanish Language and Culture - Grammar and vocabulary practice

~ BBC Languages - Spanish - Spanish language-learning website which provides vocabulary, conversational Spanish, and other helpful learning tools.

~ Mitele - Get wrapped up in a series or program of your choice from Spain.

~ Destinos - Watch “Destinos”, a telenovela for intermediate or advanced students designed to teach vocabulary and grammar. 

~ People en español - Famous Latinos, current events, etc.

~ Watch movies in Spanish with subtitles - Learn about various cultural topics!

~ Social Justice - Listen to music and watch videos to inspire you to make the world a better place.

~ Telemundo - Telenovelas, Top Chef Latino and so many more!

~ Medline - Medical Topics, Articles & Videos in Spanish

~ El tiempo - Tells the weather everywhere in Spanish!

~ Spain - Explore Spain virtually in English or in Spanish.

~ CNN en Español - World news in Spanish that includes videos and articles.

~ Univisión - Website that features a variety of videos and articles including music, pop culture, and television in Spanish.

~ Spanish Audio Gazette - Resource that includes articles about a wide varitey of cultural topics.  This site has relevant vocabulary and provides podcasts with a variety of accents and dialects from different Spanish-speaking countries.

~ Ver Taal - This site has listening exercises with transcripts that include cultural topics (Sanfermines), vocabulary topics (health), holidays (New Year’s resolutions), movie trailers, current events announcements and more.  Many of the listening activities have activities that students can complete and receive immediate feedback.

~ El Mundo - Online Spanish newspaper that includes international news and Spain news.

~ La Crónica de Hoy - Online Mexican newspaper that includes international news and news from Mexico.

~ La Nación - Online Colombian newspaper that includes international headlines and news.

~ Radio Formula - Website that inlcudes radio broadcasts in Spanish along with a wide variety of news articles.

~ Audio.Urcm - Website that provides Spanish podcasta covering topics such as politics as well as a variety of international news stories.

~ BBC Mundo - International news website in Spanish including videos and radio broadcasts.

~ TVE - Live and archived television from Spain that also includes world news and sports information.

~ Euronews - International news articles and videos in Spanish.

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